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About Us

Improve your practice earnings and your patients’ quality of life!  The AllergyEasy® program allows you to test and treat your allergic and asthmatic patients using sublingual immunotherapy.

Tired of referring your allergic patients out for allergy shots or merely treating their symptoms (instead of the underlying allergy) with a barrage of medications?

Now, you can provide your patients with the enduring benefits of immunotherapy—the only treatment proven to alter the underlying allergic disease—without the hassle of allergy shots. With the AllergyEasy program, patients can take their serum as sublingual drops in the comfort of home.

The AllergyEasy program is simple to implement into your medical practice. Your clinic can be up and running in a matter of hours, and day-to-day administration takes very little time from your staff. The AllergyEasy program provides you with everything you need for testing and treating patients as well as a wealth of marketing materials for growing your business.

Contact our Medical Science Liaison (Certfied Nurse Practitioner) to learn more about incorporating AllergyEasy into your practice.

Watch this brief video to learn about the AllergyEasy advantage.