Healthy Relationships = Healthy Life

With Valentine’s Day in February, love is in the air, but did you know that love affects more than just emotions? It can influence your health, too. Here’s

Healthier Immune System

Being in a relationship brings additional feelings of worth and appreciation, and when couples can work through disagreements together, the body notices!
Couples that find a positive resolution to conflict have higher functioning immune systems than those who don’t.

healthy heart

Stronger Commitment to Exercise

Did you know that as many as half of the gym goers that go at it alone quit their workout routine within the first year? Conversely, couples that work out
together work out more frequently, for longer, and they train harder than the average individual.

Healthier Skin

High cortisol levels due to stress can lead to acne, but feelings of affection are believed to lower cortisol levels, thus improving the skin’s health.

Stronger Hearts

Stress is tough on the old ticker, but it’s hard to avoid amidst the daily grind. Relationships, however, are shown to help people develop less stressful,
more well-balanced lives. Studies show that couples who are in happy relationships are less prone to heart attacks.