Men’s Health Week is here….Time to Get in Shape!

It’s energizing to know that our health – and our capacity to stay strong and live longer — are not simply an issue of our genes or luck. Assuming responsibility of your well being and taking simple steps can make life healthier and happier. In celebration of Men’s Health Week, here are some basic tips to support a healthy lifestyle.

mens health week

Eat Right

To achieve your goals in life, whether they are health-related or otherwise, you need to ensure balanced eating habits. Eat natural products – fruits, grains, and vegetables—rather than processed foods. They will supply you with needed vitamins and minerals to help fend off ailments.

Avoid Frequent Alcohol Consumption

We’ve all heard the news about the potential heart-health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. Most fail to mention the health risks of excessive alcohol consumption, which will do a body significantly more harm than moderate consumption benefits. Be honest with yourself. Try not to use health claims about alcohol as a reason to legitimize unreasonable drinking which imperils your life, liver, and looks.

Say No To Tobacco

By smoking cigarettes, you markedly increase your chances for breathing problems, lung cancer, and heart disease. Don’t forget that smokers also put others in jeopardy through second-hand smoke. It is a well-known fact that second hand smoke can be exceptionally harmful to the general health of your family and friends, particularly over an extended period of time.

Move it

Exercise is crucial to your health, and the right exercise regimen for you is the one that you will do consistently! So many conditions and diseases can be prevented and/or improved through regular exercise. It can help your mental capacity, alleviate anxiety, boost your self-esteem, enhance your appearance, help maintain a healthy weight, and heighten your personal satisfaction. Opt for at least a half hour of cardiovascular exercise per day paired with at least 20 minutes of strength training three times per week.

Men, make the most of Men’s Health Week. Use it as an opportunity for change. Women, too! There’s no better time than today to start taking better care of you.