Primary Care Physicians Can Order Wholesale Allergen Extracts

Though allergy treatment used to be the domain of allergists alone, many primary care physicians are now offering allergy treatment. People appreciate the chance to see a doctor they know and trust rather than being referred out, and primary care physicians appreciate the chance to maintain continuity of care by testing and treating the patient.

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Primary care physicians can order wholesale allergen extracts for their clinic or they can rely on a turnkey allergy treatment program to provide them with an allergy test kit and allergy treatment extracts. Many physicians are opting to prescribe sublingual allergy immunotherapy, which allows patients to take their allergy serum as drops under the tongue. The oral allergy drops are safer than shots so they can be administered at home. Patients love the convenience of sublingual drops. Doctors gain extra time by not having to devote staff members to administering the injections.

Physicians can order allergy serum for patients through a compounding pharmacy, or they can order wholesale allergen extracts and compound the serum in their own office. The serum can be taken daily as drops under the tongue.

The AllergyEasy program helps doctors prescribe or compound drops that contain traces of dozens of the most common allergen extracts. Where many shot or drop alternatives just treat for a small selection of local pollens, the AllergyEasy program covers most major allergens from around the country. That means that wherever patients travel or whatever new pollens come into a patient’s environment, they can still maintain their protection against allergens.