Spring Allergies

It’s starting to warm up; spring is fast approaching. Many of us can’t wait for the spring season to start, but how about those that suffer from spring allergies? Spring is also when trees and greenery flower, and when pollination lavishes. During this pollination period, pollens are released into the air and often end up in our noses and cause rhinitis (“hay fever”).

spring allergies

As pollens enter one’s nose, they are being identified as foreigners. The immune system “defends” itself against this foreigners by releasing chemicals such as “histamine” into the body. Unfortunately, these good-guy-histamines are what cause allergic reactions.

Spring may be a time for itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and runny noses for many, but there is relief. Some relief options may be temporary while other options offer more permanent relief. Here are a few options that can be easily put into action:

  • dust shelves and fans where pollens can accumulate
  • keep doors and windows closed to keep out allergens and pollutants
  • clean/replace air filter for less polluted air in the home

All of these are the above are avoidance measures which can certainly help, but they are not full-proof. Since pollens are airborne, they can make their way into your living space with great ease. Other measures include:

  • take antihistamines or other over-the-counter medications
  • consult an allergist (allergy doctor) about allergy immunotherapy (via shots or under-the-tongue drops).

While there may be over the counter, temporary relief, consulting a doctor or specialist (allergist) is your best chance at permanent relief. One of the most effective options for allergy relief that is offered by allergists is sublingual immunotherapy. Contact AllergyEasy today to find an allergist in your area that can offer pain-free allergy relief such as sublingual immunotherapy.