Sublingual Allergy Medication

While allergy shots used to be the only form of allergy immunotherapy, there are a growing number of options for treating the underlying allergic disease. One of the newer options is sublingual allergy medications which involve tablets that can be dissolved under the tongue.

sublingual allergy medication

The advantage of the new allergy tablets is that they have a higher safety profile than allergy shots, so they can be taken at home rather than under physician supervision. And, of course, there are no painful needles involved.

A drawback of the allergy tablets is that they only protect against a limited number of allergens. Currently, there are three main allergy tablets available which include Oralair® and Grastek® (for timothy and northern grass pollens) and also Ragwitek® (for ragweed).

If you are only allergic to these items, the tablets can be an easy, effective form of sublingual allergy medication. If you feel like you need more thorough allergy coverage, another option is under-the-tongue allergy drops. They work like the tablets only they come in liquid form. Sublingual allergy doctors can prescribe under-the-tongue drops containing mixes of large numbers of allergens to protect you against not only grass and tree pollens but also against mold, pet dander, dust mites, etc.

If you are contemplating sublingual allergy medication, talk to your doctor about the best treatment option for your needs. Contact AllergyEasy if you need help finding a sublingual immunotherapy clinic.