Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

As they say, love changes everything! Not only can it deepen your joys, it can also positively affect your health and well-being. Experts say that people who are in satisfying relationships tend to have better health and a better outlook on life.

love health benefits

Here are some of the physical perks that come with romantic relationships:

Less Depression and Substance Abuse

A report generated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that a lasting marriage reduces depression in both men and women. The report attributes this to the role that relationships play in reducing the feeling of social isolation, one of the major factors causing depression. A happy marriage also helps in lowering the rates of heavy drinking and substance abuse, especially among young adults.

Better Stress Management

Love helps in improving a person’s ability to cope with stress. Social support and stress management are linked to each other. Those who get loving support in times of difficulty tend to cope better with life. If a person grieves over the death of a family member, for example, it helps emotionally if a partner is there to support him or her.

Less Physical Pain

Love enhances oxytocin production, which in turn boosts endorphins—a natural form of painkillers. Hence, love has the potential to reduce bodily pain caused by headaches, arthritis, etc.

Improved Immune System

Since loving relationships can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, they can also take a load off of your immune system. Research suggests that individuals who possess a positive disposition are less likely to get sick after being exposed to colds and flu strains, and happy couples who engage in positive conflict resolution have better performing immune systems than those who don’t.