Technology: Your Partner in Allergy Avoidance

So you want to spend time in the great outdoors, but you don’t want the allergy symptoms that go with it. Never fear! There’s an app or website for everything—including managing your allergies. While it’s impossible to escape pollen, the good news is that monitoring its levels is easier than ever with a computer or smart phone.

Technology to manage allergies

Allergy Alert App

The Allergy Alert Mobile App will help you avert an allergy attack ignited by high counts of pollen. This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices. It shows the pollen index for a defined area. It also provides different weather conditions and a diary regarding allergies. This app is easy to operate. An app user only has to press the screen and can use the diary to plan their daily activities or can even arrange their schedule for the next five days, depending on the allergy alerts.

When you want to skip installing an app or just need a reliable website to check at any time, offers a forecast of pollen levels for your immediate area. All you need to do is input a city or zip code for instant insight. This website will give you a scale of how high the pollen count will be and will also tell you what the top allergens are.

Another great website to get detailed information on allergy triggers is In addition to your daily forecast, will provide you a scale of allergens on the horizon for the day. Like, will tell you what the top offending pollens are (i.e. tree, grass, weed, etc.). will also go a bit further and tell you how your breathing might be impacted by the temperature, the wind, and humidity.