Top 25 Cities for Asthma Sufferers to Avoid

Asthma has become a fast-growing health problem. While 1 in 12 people had asthma in 2001, by 2009, 1 in 14 people suffered with the disease (an additional 5 million sufferers).*

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While there is no place in the country that is free of asthma triggers, there are a few cities that are particularly hard on asthma sufferers. Based on research by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), below are the cities considered worst for asthma sufferers.

1. Memphis, TN
2. Richmond, VA
3. Philadelphia, PA
4. Detroit, MI
5. Oklahoma City, OK
6. Augusta, GA
7. Knoxville, TN
8. Chattanooga, TN
9. New Orleans, LA
10. Chicago, IL
11. Indianapolis, IN
12. New Haven, CT
13. Fresno, CA
14. Providence, RI
15. Tulsa, OK
16. Atlanta, GA
17. McAllen, TX
18. Dayton, OH
19. Allentown, PA
20. Cleveland, OH
21. Louisville, KY
22. Milwaukee, WI
23. Springfield, MA
24. Toledo, OH
25. Jacksonville, FL

The AAFA’s rankings are based on three main factors:

  • Prevalence of asthma in city residents
  • Risk factors (including pollen score, air quality, smoke-free laws, etc.)
  • Medical factors (including rates of asthma medication use, ER visits for asthma, etc.)

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*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention