Provide Sublingual Immunotherapy

Improve your practice earnings and your patients’ quality of life! Prescribe sublingual immunotherapy drops.

Tired of prescribing antihistamines and other allergy medications with minimal patient improvement?  Or losing continuity of care by referring your patients out for allergy shots?

Get Started

Here’s how to start offering allergy drops to your patients:

  1. Complete our contact form to learn the simple steps to prescribe sublingual immunotherapy.
  2. Allergy test your patients. Use our easy-to-administer, turn key allergy test program (60-spot Environmental Allergy Test Kit, 40-spot Food Allergy Test Kit, or 40-spot Combo Test Kit).
  3. Prescribe allergy drops. Your patients’ allergy drops will be prepared and shipped directly from a licensed compounding pharmacy.

*Ask about discounted start-up packages that include allergy testing supplies with in-house financing options.


  • Markedly increase the revenue of your medical practice (with minimal time and manpower)
  • No more referring your allergic/asthmatic patients out for care
  • Treat the underlying allergic disease—not just its symptoms—using a natural allergy treatment
  • Join a selective few doctors who offer food allergy treatment
  • Treat patients who may not be good candidates for allergy shots (small children, needle-averse, time-constrained, frequent travelers, etc.)
  • Treat for more antigens than the competition with a Comprehensive Inhalant Mix (contains far more antigens than the industry standard)
  • Turnkey allergy treatment program/allergy test program for physicians.  We provide patient referrals, clinical support, marketing supplies, patient resources and more.


“Providing immunotherapy to patients with allergies is a potentially enormous field for PCPs who traditionally have not done this work… two thirds of allergy sufferers would rather get treatment from a PCP than from an allergist.”

–“Nine Ancillary Services that can Boost Practice Revenue,” Medscape Business Magazine, Aug 2014

patient starter kit

patient starter kit

maintenance serum

maintenance serum

physician kit

physician kit

Contact us to increase your medical practice revenue with our sublingual allergy treatment program / food allergy treatment program. We can assist you in ordering our allergy test kit (and/or food allergy test kit) as well as ordering wholesale allergen extracts.

For naturopathic physicians: Contact us to learn how the AllergyEasy program complements the principles of naturopathic allergy treatment.

*NOW AVAILABLE: Buy wholesale allergen extracts at discounted rates! (For testing and treatment. Multiple sizes available.)  Call us at (480) 827-0038 to learn how we can save you money over manufacturer prices.