Allergy Test Kit

Turnkey allergy test program

allergy test kit

Help your allergic patients and increase medical practice revenues by ordering an allergy test kit.

An effective allergy treatment program begins with ordering a reliable allergy test kit. We offer physicians a turnkey allergy test program using the skin scratch test method–the gold standard in accurate allergy testing and the number one method recommended by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. (Skin scratch testing is also referred to as puncture or percutaneous testing.)

Our staff can teach you and/or your technicians to use the allergy test kit in approximately one hour. The test is easy to  administer and takes only about 15 minutes per patient .

After ordering our allergy test kit, you can administer tests using a multi-pronged device (pictured) that allows you to measure your patients’ sensitivity to dozens of the most prominent environmental and food allergens with just a few applications to the arm or back. (Patient discomfort is minimal.  The device penetrates only the superficial layers of skin.)

Our turnkey allergy test program offers:

  • Environmental allergen test (60-spot)
  • Food allergen test (40-spot)
  • Environmental/food allergen combination test (40-spot)
  • Multi-pronged test device
  • Additional supplies including reaction readers, scratch test applicators, carrier trays, etc.

To order our allergy test kit for physicians, call (877) 276-3393. You can choose to order the food allergy test kit, environmental test kit, or a combination of both.

(Discount prices apply when you order the food allergy test kit and environmental test kit together.)