Increase Medical Practice Revenue

AllergyEasy can help you better serve your allergic and asthmatic patients
while increasing your medical practice profits.

If predictions from the American College of Allergy and Immunology prove to be on point, the U.S. will soon face a critical shortfall of allergists, with the number of allergy specialists dwindling by 7 percent between 2016 and 2030 even as the demand for these doctors increases by nearly 30 percent in that same time frame.

AllergyEasy is helping primary care doctors bridge the gap by offering a turnkey allergy testing and treatment program.

AllergyEasy supplies allergy test kits to family doctors and pediatricians, allowing them to diagnose their allergic patients. They also assist primary care physicians in prescribing sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT works a lot like allergy shots in desensitizing the body to allergens in the environment. It’s more convenient than allergy shots, though, because it can be administered as under-the-tongue allergy drops rather than through injections.

Help Your Patients, Help Your Practice

The AllergyEasy program is a win-win for doctors and patients.

Primary care physicians can:

  • Augment their services and increase medical practice profits.
  • Prescribe a lasting solution that treats the source of patients’ allergies instead of just prescribing medications that only help temporarily \(antihistamines, steroids, etc.).
  • Keep continuity of care rather than referring patients elsewhere
    (“out of sight, out of mind”).

Patients can:

  • See a trusted physician rather than having to establish a relationship with a different doctor in a new location. (A Medscape Business Magazine article showed that two-thirds of allergy sufferers would rather receive treatment from their primary care doctor than an allergist).
  • Experience the lasting benefits of allergy immunotherapy without having to drive to the doctor’s office for allergy shots. (Sublingual allergy drops are safe enough to be taken in the comfort of home.)
  • Receive food allergy treatment. (Allergy shots have not been shown to be effective for food allergy remediation, but allergy drops have.)

Get Started Today

With just a few hours of training, you and your staff can be up and running with the AllergyEasy program.

We provide:

  • Easy-to-administer skin prick test kits (environmental and food). Technicians can administer the test in 15-30 minutes per patient.
  • Simple prescribing options (mix in-office or fax a prescription to an affiliated compounding pharmacy)
  • Training and ongoing clinical support
  • Patient referrals
  • Marketing resources and support

One in five Americans suffers from allergies, and you can be part of the solution. Contact us to order your environmental allergy test kit (or food allergy test kit) and start prescribing sublingual immunotherapy. Increase your medical practice revenue while providing lasting relief for your allergic patients.