Naturopath Turnkey Allergy Treatment Program

If you are a naturopathic physician looking to provide your patients with an alternative allergy treatment, AllergyEasy can help. Many physicians treat patients’ allergies with a cascade of medications, including antihistamines, decongestants, oral corticosteroids, and more. Unfortunately, these drugs introduce a host of unwanted side effects that can compromise other aspects of patients’ health. And while these drugs may keep symptoms at bay, they do nothing to address the root of the problem. Immunotherapy is the only treatment that has been shown to alter the underlying allergy itself—not just its symptoms—for lasting relief.

When most people think of allergy immunotherapy, they think of injections, but allergy drops (also known as sublingual immunotherapy) are also a highly effective form of immunotherapy with many benefits. Allergy drops have a high enough safety profile that patients can take them at home. They are also better for younger children who may not be considered old enough for a shot regimen. Like shots, allergy drops start with a “serum” that consists of all-natural antigens suspended in a saline solution. With drops, the serum is dispensed under the tongue where it absorbs into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth. Another advantage of drops over allergy shots is that drops have been found to be safe and effective as a natural food allergy treatment.

Getting Started

Providing natural allergy treatment is simple and beneficial. It gives you a way to help your allergic and asthmatic patients while increasing the profits of your medical practice. You can start by ordering an allergy test kit, which contains a 10-pronged testing device. The device can be applied to the patient’s arm or back repeatedly to measure their reaction to dozens of the world’s most common allergens. We will train your staff to administer the test as part of our turnkey allergy treatment program. Testing moves quickly, usually requiring less than 30 minutes per patient. The testing device penetrates only the superficial layers of skin, so patients’ discomfort is minimal.

If patients are candidates for treatment, you can prescribe sublingual immunotherapy through a compounding pharmacy. We will provide you with all of the supplies and training needed to administer the testing and treatment programs. Our training includes assistance for diagnosing, billing, patient education, marketing, and more.