Allergy Drops

Advantages of sublingual immunotherapy

Why choose AllergyEasy® oral allergy drops?

Here’s what sets the AllergyEasy program apart from other treatment options:

No shots.
AllergyEasy serum is taken as under-the-tongue drops rather than as painful injections.

At-home treatment.
No more inconvenient trips to the doctor’s office for allergy shots. Oral drops have a better safety profile than shots,1 so they can be taken in the comfort of home.

Rapid results.
Because drops are taken daily at home, patients can build up their immune defense quickly. The majority of AllergyEasy patient experience marked symptom relief in less than three months (and many report improvement in just a few weeks).*

Less age-restrictive than shots.
While many traditional allergy shot programs require participants to be at least 7 years old, oral allergy drops have been shown to be safe and effective for children under 5.2

Lasting results.
Pills, inhalers and nasal sprays may provide a quick fix, but that is because they only address the symptoms of allergy. AllergyEasy drops treat the source of the problem, desensitizing the body to troubling allergens so patients don’t have to depend on temporary medications for relief.

Great for frequent travelers.
Since the allergy drops are portable, you can travel as often as you like without interrupting your treatment regimen. And if you are traveling by air, our dropper bottles are less than 3 ounces in compliance with current TSA regulations.

Worldwide protection.
While many treatment programs only desensitize patients to a limited number of local pollens, AllergyEasy drops contain most domestic and international allergens, offering broad coverage for on-the-go patients.

Simple testing.
No drawn-out, painful allergy testing! Routine testing takes less than 30 minutes and minimizes discomfort.

*Each patient is unique, and individual results may vary.


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2Rienzo VD, Minelli M, Musarra A, Sambugaro R, Pecora S, Canonica WG. “Post-marketing survey on the safety of sublingual immunotherapy in children below the age of 5 years.” Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2005, 35:560-4