Eat Gluten-Free AND Eat Well. Yep, it’s Possible!

Does gluten cause you stomach distress? You may have celiac disease—a genetic, autoimmune disorder . For celiac sufferers, ingesting gluten causes the body to release antibodies that attack the small intestines. But not everybody who reacts to gluten has celiac. In fact, just 1 percent of the U.S. population is estimated to have celiac. Others, though, may have a “non-celiac gluten sensitivity.” This condition is believed to affect about 18 million Americans—hence the proliferation of gluten-free foods.

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If gluten makes you sick, check with your doctor. A blood test can help detect the disease. If you test negative and decide to go gluten-free, you can still eat well.  Check out this website for a listing of the top 50 gluten-free blogs: and also have gluten-free recipe sections that can help you eat well and feel good, too.

Gluten insensitivity is a relatively new and little-understood phenomenon, but some treatments (such as sublingual immunotherapy) have proven effective in minimizing its effects.