National Nutrition Month

Many people make get-in-shape new year’s resolutions that last….well….through January. Far fewer of us make the effort to continue our dedication or review our resolutions throughout the year. “Health is wealth” they say, and with March being National Nutrition Month, there’s no better opportunity than now to review just how well we’re treating our bodies.


Having a healthy diet helps boost our immune system. Our immune system plays a vital role in protecting us from diseases, big or small. This requires us to be vigilant in choosing the food that we eat. Having a balanced diet includes avoiding food which contains high cholesterols, sugars, or fats, and embracing more vegetables and fruits.

When a good diet is also paired with good exercise, it can lead to great overall health. Our body’s organs are interconnected. A lack of care in diet could affect your entire system. That is why healthy food should also be paired with healthy living.

Take the initiative this National Nutrition Month. Make a difference for yourself. Review your health-based decisions. New year’s resolutions aren’t just for January!