Spring Allergy Capitals

Every spring, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America releases its “Spring Allergy Capitals” list, citing the most challenging cities for allergy sufferers to live in. Here’s the “top 5” list from the 2016 rankings:


  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • McAllen, Texas

These top allergy-inducing destinations were rated based on:

  1. Amount of pollen
  2. Allergy-medication usage
  3. The number of board certified allergists present in the city

Click here to see the full report (and see how your home city ranks).

Of course, while some cities are worse than others, most parts of the country are rife with pollens that can stir up allergies. Even Southwest cities (once thought to be less-allergenic than others because of their dry, hot climate), now have many highly allergenic non-native plants (planted by newcomers to the city wanting the same flora and fauna they enjoyed back home).

If you’re tired of suffering your way through spring instead of enjoying its beauties, there is hope! Allergy medications can help take the edge off of symptoms. For longer-lasting allergies or allergies that are particularly severe, allergy immunotherapy may be in order. AllergyEasy offers sublingual immunotherapy which is a no-shots alternative to allergy shots (using oral allergy drops). Contact AllergyEasy at 1-877-276-3393 today.